Meet The Flexie Management Team

Vishal Singhal

Co-founder & Head of Partnerships & Product

Before founding Flexie, Vishal worked at Techspace, a flexible office space operator in London & Berlin. He is responsible for building and maintaining the Flexie platform, and working with space partners.

Matt Ryan

Co-founder & Head of Commercial

Before founding Flexie, Matt was Head of Sales at Travelzoo, a company with an opt-in audience of over 25 million members. Matt is responsible for working with Flexie clients to curate their distributed work strategy.

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Flexie was founded in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We've set out to build a better way to work  for distributed teams. 


An average employee spends 45% of their waking hours either at work or commuting to work. Our mission to improve employees’ quality of life during their working hours through our products and services.