• Vishal Singhal

What is Flexie?

The Covid-19 lockdown in March forced the UKs entire office workforce to adopt home working.

Teams adjusted quickly and found ways to make home working successful for them. But quickly it emerged that the benefits of home working weren’t the same for everyone. Poor WiFi connection for just a few individuals would be disruptive to the entire team, whilst some had to put up with a lack of quality workspace at home or a noisy household.

We believe that employees working remotely deserve better options than just working from home. And that’s why we built Flexie.

Flexie empowers distributed teams by giving employees access to amazing workspaces all across the UK. We help employers save significant office space costs whilst increasing employees’ productivity and welfare.

Our solution is a win-win-win for companies, employees and space operators.

Flexie for companies

Flexie gives full control to a company around how they organise their teams and how much they spend on office space.

There are 2 workforce structures that Flexie enables - remote first and hybrid.

Remote-first: Under a remote-first structure all team members work remotely but have the option of meeting in person at times when it makes sense to do so ( - for example whilst working towards a tight deadline). Flexie enables this by offering private office contracts that last just a few weeks or months. Team members also have access to hot desks and meeting rooms on-demand across the UK if they want to work somewhere outside of home.

Hybrid: Companies that adopt a hybrid structure have a small hub office (typically in the centre of town) that team members access on a rotating schedule. The rest of the team has access to hot desks and meeting rooms for when they aren’t scheduled to come into the office and also don’t want to work at home. Flexie helps companies find the perfect hub office, as well as giving employees access to hot desks and meeting rooms through the app.

The key benefits of Flexie for companies are that they save significant amounts of money whilst increasing the productivity and welfare of their staff by giving them more choice around where they work. Companies also expand their hiring pool by incorporating a distributed work structure as they are no longer bound to only being able to hire those within a commutable distance of their office.

Ok, but why not just work from home?

Many employee surveys have shown that the worst part of coming into the office is the commute. Not only is a significant amount of time wasted commuting, but the commute is often an unpleasant experience when it involves public transport or being stuck in traffic.

Working from home solves the commuting problem. At Flexie, we agree with the common consensus that working from home should be a key part of a workforce culture. In fact, we incorporate this in our own ways of working.

However, there are many issues associated with working from home all the time or having ‘work from home’ as the only alternative in a hybrid office structure.

For some, there are the practical issues associated with working at home such as a lack of quality workspace, a noisy household or a poor internet connection.

Working from home also makes it hard to separate home life from work life, blurring the lines between when you are working and when the work day is over. There is emerging evidence that some team members are working significantly longer hours whilst permanently at home and that this is leading to poorer mental health amongst employees.

And finally, those who work from home all the time only get to interact with their colleagues through video chat. This means they miss out on informal conversations and water cooler moments that help build camaraderie and bonds between team members.

The Flexie app tackles practical issues of poor work conditions at home and a lack of work-life separation by giving employees access to hot desks and meeting rooms close to where they live. This means they avoid long commutes, whilst getting the benefit of working in offices that were designed for work.

We also enable more in-person collaboration between teams by offering access to private offices for short periods and meeting rooms for in-person meetings. Some of the money saved with the Flexie solution can also be spent on team building activities such as away days and retreats, helping to build stronger team bonds.

Flexie for space partners

Flexie partners with space operators offering beautiful and inspiring offices all across the UK.

Space partners benefit from gaining incremental revenue to what they already earn as we bring them new clientele. Much of this additional revenue translates to profits as we simply help to fill already vacant space.

Flexie also helps operators create a vibrant atmosphere by filling any void. Having new clientele grows awareness of our partners’ spaces and drives sales of longer term leases on private offices and dedicated desks that they offer.

Flexie and the flex office market

The flexible office market includes serviced office operators who offer companies private offices or fixed desks for lets as short as 6 months. This market is predicted to boom over the coming years as companies have realised the benefits of shorter term lease commitments during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Flexie app strengthens the overall appeal of the flexible office sector by adding geographical diversity to the list of benefits companies gain when they take a flexible office lease rather than a traditional lease. And in doing so, we empower distributed teams all across the UK.