Flexie's response to Covid-19

Flexie is active

The Flexie platform is live, but the health and safety of our customers and space partners is our first priority.

Flexie is currently a UK-only platform, and all spaces listed on the platform are in the UK. As such, Flexie's policies are guided by the UK government's guidelines on Covid-19 set out here.

We've put measures in place to keep you safe

We've implemented the following measures to keep our customers and space partners safe.

  • Transparency: We've created transparency around what actions our space partners have taken to keep their locations safe by linking to their Covid-19 response statements in our space listings (where available).

  • Safe spaces only: We've cancelled partnerships with any space partners that fail to demonstrate compliance with UK laws around keeping people safe from Covid-19.

  • Flexibility: Flexie is temporarily allowing unlimited credit rollover on all plans. This policy is in place until at least March 2021. Companies and employees therefore have unlimited time to use their credit.