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Working from home all the time doesn't work...

Poor mental health

Loneliness from a lack of social connection 

Lower productivity

Disruptive household and low quality workspace

Lack of work-life separation

Employees burnout as they can't switch-off from work

...but people love not commuting into work.

79% said that “no commute” is the thing they like most about working from home


Should we ditch the office - HubbleHQ

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Flexie enables distributed teams to work well, and work happy

Studies show that productivity, creativity and motivation are maximised when staff combine working from home with working in an office environment.


Need a desk for Dave, an office for finance, and a meeting room for a couple of hours for production?


Not a problem, our all-encompassing flexible platform gives you total control and full visibility of where people can go, and when.

With simple, easy to set-up packages, and a dedicated support team available, you can start to reap the rewards in no time.

The best people deserve the best environments, so we've partnered with incredible, inspiring spaces to work...

...across over 100 locations in the UK & Europe.

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